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We provide you with customized RFID tag antenna design and production services.

Our service processes are as follows:

1. Select customization method

We can produce it according to customers’ drawings. We can also design and produce according to the requirements of customers. If the customer required us to design, antenna designs will be completed within a week, and we will provide you with a sample of your tag antenna for confirmation.

2. Samples trial production

After the design drawings have been confirmed, we will provide the small batch of samples to you as soon as possible.

3. Mass production

After customer has confirmed the samples, we will begin mass production of products. With a strong production capacity, we are able to produce not less than 2 million RFID tag antennas in the first week, and more than 5 million RFID tag antennas each day since then, thus fully meeting customers’ needs.

4. Delivery

After the completion of the production, customers can choose designated logistics agent, or INLAYLINK arrange logistics for delivery.

If there is any question throughout the entire process of product purchase and use, please contact our customer service staff, we will answer your questions carefully.