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Item tracking and identification technology has been undergoing a gradual transition from barcode to RFID systems. In the near future, RFID tags are very likely to replace bar-coding systems in many application fields that require large sorting and handling capacity for items.

Case 1
A reputed German manufacturer of RFID smart labels once took on a project requiring a large quantity of RFID tag antennas. After receiving their rush order request, the expert staff at INLAYLINK coordinated with an external material supplier to complete the order within only one week. Our quick response and delivered quality helped gain us a loyal customer whom we have continued to work with on other projects.

Case 2
A company from Shenzhen was contracted by an American toy label producer to supply RFID antenna rolls. The company, however, did not have in-house manufacturing capability, so they contracted out the production to a partner who claimed to have the ability meet the order. The sample process went fine, but the mass production turned out to be a complete failure with a high defect rate. That was when the contractor decided to turn to INLAYLINK for help. After receiving product specifications from the customer, INLAYLINK professionals immediately launched production. INLAYLINK delivered quality, reliable RFID antenna rolls to the contractor, which in turn was able to successfully fulfil their original contract.